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This car, much like my FR-S has been heralded as the savior of the modern car guy. It's cheap, fast, and a hoot to drive or so I'm told by literally every single automotive outlet on the planet. Ford finally brought over their little fire breathing hot hatch to the good ol' US of A and we should all rejoice! Rejoice everyone rejoice, Ford is finally bringing us what we have been asking for for years and years! Rejoice and be merry! Frolic to your local dealers and sign your name on the dotted line for really good incentives and ridiculously low leases! Lower than a stanched out Miata! Rejoice!

I too was happy that they were finally bringing it here. Last year at the Auto Show, I didn't get a chance to sit in it since it was all locked up tighter than a bumblebees butt. This year however, it was open and I had to try it out. I couldn't wait to hop in the car and feel what the Ford Recaro's felt like in comparison to my buckets. One problem occurred immediately upon sitting down, I didn't fit in it! Now, I am not a small individual, I am 6'4" 220 lbs. However, I can't see how Ford in my opinion screwed up this much? Let's start off with the seats in general. They are really good, they're supportive and comfortable and I can easily see how they would be terrific in keeping you glued to the seat in fast maneuvers. Nevertheless, the problem was the angle of the seat bottom, I felt like it was built halfway in respects to a LeMans Prototype seat where your legs are straight out in front of you and elevated. I was basically doing a half crunch while sitting in it and my knees were slowly being skinned by the dash. In addition, I like to sit closer to the steering wheel so that I have more control over the car, more of a road racer setup, in this car there was no way in hell I could come close to that. The seat would need to be all the way back for me to fit and thereby throw off my chest to steering wheel distance. This particular car had the sunroof so obviously there was less headroom, which I can't give too much grief about, but for those taller individuals I would do without it for an extra inch or two of head room. I know that Matt Farrah and Thaddeus Brown from TheSmokingTire just got one of these, but I cannot figure out how they actually fit in this car without getting rid of a few key body parts.


The My Ford Touch infotainment console was fairly well organized, with all the buttons and switches laid out in an organized manner. It would be very simple and easy to get used to the system quickly, and you would probably master it within a week. The steering wheel also felt good, thick and grooved so that it allows you the best hold for getting that car to turn in. However, I did feel like there where too many buttons directly on the steering wheel. That may just be my own personal bias; I would rather have a steering wheel without them and have the buttons and knobs within reach. I feel like that causes more distraction among drivers if they are always looking directly down at their steering wheels.


The feel overall of the car, including the seats and dash were definitely cheap, but there were flourishes from more upscale and pricier Fords. The Recaro's were very good even though the application I feel is a bit wonky. The faux aluminum trim around everything was a nice touch. However, while I like the steering shape and feel, the texture and materials it was made from feel like a crappy steering wheel that Ford pulled out of an 04 Focus. It is too bland and too boring to be in a hot hatch. It needs to be spiced up or something to make it fit the car better. The plastics were definitely small cheap car; they didn't feel good at all.

People's reactions were obviously good about the car. Finally, Ford listened to what the people want and they did deliver. While I'm not sure how it drives or anything about it really while it is moving. The Fiesta seems to be a cool little hot hatch. However, since I really didn't fit that well, and I really can't ignore those seats and their weird application in this car. They just weren't comfortable to me, maybe if I was about 6in's shorter and 50lbs lighter it would have worked better. But I am not exactly Gigantopithicus here (bonus points to the first person who can figure out what that is!). I should be able to fit. My vote strictly based on the interior feel and how comfortable the driver is in the car would be a no. It's cheap, but to me, it's not cheerful.


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Top Photo credit to Car and Driver

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