Think of a Reliant Robin. It tips over constantly. It offers no safety whatsoever. It's cheaper than dirt, as long as you don't take into account the constant repair and hospital bills you would incur. And is probably one of the worst cars on the planet. Right? Wrong. I give you the Kia Rio.

I'm so sorry for showing you that. I'll just show myself out now….You know what I can't, I need to tell you about this car. It's my journalistic duty to showcase the horrors that I sometimes encounter. So let's get this over with. Honestly, when I walked up to the Kia booth, I completely thought they had stopped making the Rio a long time ago. I figured this car went away when they started to build nicer, better-equipped cars. When I saw it on the stage, I thought they had brought it out just to showcase how far they have come in the last few years. But it actually had a window sticker! It is still in production!

How can they keep making this thing? Do people buy it? Why do they buy it? What makes a person decide to spend their money on this hateful thing? These are questions I need to know, but at the moment, I have no answers. Only more questions. But let's get to the interior if we must since this is Sittin Waitin Wishin.

UGH. Why? Why? Why? Why? This is one of the worst cars I have ever actually sat in, and I've sat in cars without an interior before. The fit and finish of this car is frankly horrific. Everything is manually operated. In a time where there are fully electric cars, manually operated windows and door locks should be a thing of the past. Yet, here they are on a brand new car.


The passenger seat and driver seat aren't on the same mechanism's, meaning that the passenger seat can go a full 2in's lower than the drivers seats for some unknown reason. Do short people drive these cars? Are their passengers giants? Is this a car for the people from TLC's Freakshow? I don't know! All I could do was shake my head in disgust at this atrocious piece of transportation. While sitting in the car, my wife said that she felt like it was a kit car, where they just gave you pieces and then you put it together in your garage. She said it should have rather been named the Kia Build-a-Bear.

What made the fit and finish worse was, directly in front of the Rio was the brilliant looking Stinger concept! The two cars could not have been further apart. In addition, it's not like Kia can't make a decent feeling car. The K900 is an awesome machine and highlights what they could do when they actually care about a product. Literally, every piece of this car feels cheap. The door handles, the seats, the visors, the doors themselves, you would get more of a quality feeling in a Russian Gulag.


What is interesting about this car, if there is anything interesting, is the print on the thousand buttons that are strewn about the interior. On all of the buttons, the font size is massive. It's as if Kia was directly targeting elderly individuals. You know the ones that go for that flip cell phone that has enlarged numbers on it, the Jitterbug. But no elderly person is going to buy this car. Not because of the quality issues, not because of the terrible looks, but because of all the buttons that are actually in this car! They may be labeled nice and big, but there are way too many for an old person to be comfortable with. Especially on the steering wheel. There are two buttons alone for the voice command features. Why? Who knows.

Then there is this lovely hole in the dash. It's not an ash tray. It's not a glovebox. It's not even a place to put your spare change. It's just a hole. It doesn't even fit your iPhone! There is no reason for it at all, but Kia still put it in there anyways. Maybe you could store part of an uneaten sandwich.


I'll keep this review brief, just because of the heinous nature of this car. It sucks. Don't buy it. If you see one on the road, stop that person, ask them why they bought it, then come back and tell me why! There is no reason for this car, it's just plain awful.

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