Sitting lower feels faster

Yesterday I finally put in my Ebay-Bride seat so that I can be one step closer to track ready with this car. I also measured out where to drill the holes for my harness mounts and started reassembling the interior bits taken out for the roll bar. I forgot how much I love sitting nice and low in a Miata and how much faster it makes the car feel on the road. I now feel directly connected to the road again like I did in my previous Miata. Sure I am still on stock springs so theres still a bit of unecessary roll. But one step at a time!


Plus I also think the touch of red adds a really nice accent to this car. It is just the right amount of color to really brighten up the “boringness” of silver. I am kind of curious now what even more red accents would do to make this car look great.

Some color ideas:

Anyways, new miata is coming along well! Excited to think about suspension next as well as finish installing the harness, exhaust, and then the brakes. June 28th is coming up soon so the track debut is nearing ever closer.


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