Sitting on the used showroom of a nearby Subaru dealer

The dealership was a Triumph dealer in the past. I believe they used to sell MG’s as well. Sadly, the little yellow sticker in the windshield states it isn’t for sale. The dealership actually has three Triumphs that they rotate which are on the showroom. Typically there are two, but today it was just my favorite of the three. They also have a Spitfire and a TR-7 that are there from time to time.


The used car lot is still in the original location, but they recently built a new showroom for new cars. At the new car dealership they have a Subaru 360 coupe, a 360 kei truck, and a Brat. When I’ve taken my wife’s car there for a couple of recalls they have been nice enough to let me take the Brat on a spin around the block, and they let me take the 360 coupe for a drive around their lot and the access road that serves it.

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