We aren’t known as the DSM Doctors for no reason! This car was a complete bare 1995 Eclipse GS-T shell yesterday at 2PM EST. Don’t mind the horrible rear bumper, it came with questionable aero modifications, this one belongs to my friend Nathan and he has nothing in it.

We picked up a 1999 turbocharged 4G63 from the junkyard for $280 and we’re hoping for the best. We still need to wire the 1999 cam angle sensor, as the wiring harness in the Eclipse is a 1995 and it’s a different connection. We still need to throw on an alternator, wire that cam sensor, and do some crafty fabrication for the intercooler setup we’ve decided on.

In six hours, with the help of our good friend Casey, we were able to get this Eclipse set with a new heart. The fuel system is already stout, with a 255LPH fuel pump with the re-wire modification done. Fuel lines are the braided variety with AN fittings from tank to rail, along with an AEM fuel pressure regulator. The car runs the stock T25 turbocharger right now.

Stay tuned, we will shoot a video of the first start up. This car has changed hands more times that I can count on two hands, and we’re doing this 2G justice and giving it the love it deserves. It’s what we do.


Matt and Nathan are two amateur idiots that have over twenty years combined DSM experience. Be sure to check out our mediocre website at www.powershiftautomotive.com We aren’t paid or anything like that, we do it for the fun, the feedback, and for the hopeful deals on DSM partouts.