Hello, and welcome. I am Jkm7680, Your host.

You have come here for a reason; You are to embark on a journey. A journey of time, trial and error, followed by error, followed by slightly worse and more intense error. But that's beside the point.

Six months-ish have passed, and I've documented my journeys through Kinja. Some of these intense, shocking and beautiful moments have been documented through Screen Grab, but unfortunately some of these errors got away. I've chosen my four favorites to document in this captivating essay!

1. We start here, with this very unique alphanumerical trainwreck. Wow! It's amazing when caught in it's natural habitat isn't it!

Indeed, Indeed. That was amazing, I took the liberty of translating it into Olde English, where the true meaning can be extracted of the strange cryptic message called the "Internal Service Error."

2. Ah, Now Kinja. Why must you play these silly games? What is this sorcery? WAIT, Now what's this? One full day, Oppo free. You could say I'm clean. Freed of addiction. For that particular day. I quickly became impatient, Visited every hour, in a mindbogglingly confusing state of "Shouldn't I have better stuff to be doing with my day."


Well, Well, I seem to have caught Kinja in the wild again. I've too translated this message. Amazing how it all comes together once it's translated!

3. Oooohh, Exquisite. A solid black bar, telling us patrons that Oppo is powered by Kinja!


For this fine specimen, I decided to translate it for the common man.

And there you have it. After observing Kinja in every aspect from feeding patterns, to the Gods. Hope you enjoyed my findings!

Also keep note that while trying to post this, it became Kinja'd. (Referring to the images and text not alligning properly)