According to my posts on Facebook, I bought my 3 on this day six years ago. It had 12,200 miles on it. I traded in my ‘99 Grand Am GT1 that had 131,000 miles and a failing transmission.

Today, my 3 has just under 75,000 miles. It’s been a great vehicle and my next car will either be another Mazda3 or a Mazda6, whatever I find a good deal on. But that won’t be for a couple more years at least.

Here’s a picture from the week I got it and one from just recently. It still looks roughly the same (because lack of funds) but I have added my own personal touch.

It has never given me any major troubles, has no rust (apparently all Mazdas are supposed to rust), and still looks good. To say I’m happy with my purchase wouldn’t even scratch the surface.


Also, it’s interesting how my phone here in 2015 takes exponentially better pictures than my digital camera did in 2009.