I started my current job, more or less. It’s evolved quite a bit, and that’s fine; good, even, because stagnation isn’t my thing. I can’t believe it’s been SIX YEARS already - I was in my prior job for 8 years and it felt like much longer, partly because I didn’t have kids yet (until the last 2) and partly because it was my first real job out of college. It also took up 60-70 hours a week of my time, so in a sense, it was a lot more time - currently I work about 32 hours a week.

Well go figure, it might evolve some more next week as some people are moving around / leaving / already left in the area I’m in, and I’m the obvious candidate for filling in and moving up a little myself.

When this first came up I was offered the position, but they said I’d have to change my schedule back to full-time. I said no, my time with my kids is the most important thing to me right now, but I’d consider it on my current schedule. I was told to think about it.


I did think about it and I went back and said “I still want to do it but only on my terms” and this time the response was more like “okay we really want you to do it, so tell us your terms and we’ll see what we can do.” I think so long as I put down a reasonable compromise - but I’m not giving up my 3:00 departure to pick up my kids - I’m in. More money to do a little more than I do now, but all along the same lines. And I get to train whoever else they find to fill in the rest of the gap(s) created by other departures.

Stay tuned, more to come.

One of my favorite all-time custom cars for your time. Not a little bit in part because it’s the ideal version of the car I used to have. 

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