Saturday marks the six years since I picked up my 2011 Sprint Blue Audi S5. Right now, it has clocked in just over 45,000 miles...

Even though it may not have as many miles as a lot of other cars when they turn six years old, the S5 has seen a good amount of things.

It has gone through several snow storms that have hit the Pacific Northwest, including a trek up to Seattle for an Audi Club Northwest annual dinner and dealing with very slick roads on the way up. With the combination of snow tires and quattro, it has gotten me safe to work and back; thankfully, without any bumps from other drivers that can’t cope with a few snowflakes on the ground.

Not much as really happened since last year’s post.

The rest of my little ode to six years with my S5 and what the future holds for it on my site,