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Sketchy Car Dealer Z3 Coupe plus Dinan Toys

I saw a z3 coupe at a low level used car dealership over the weekend and wanted to get some info on if they knew what they had.
Turns out...it’s a sketchy used car dealership.

Here is a link to the car:


Lots of M things slapped on, but I don’t believe front or rear bumpers correspond to an M coupe. The tacked in mesh on the front bumper is just the worst. Tossed the vin to the googles like normal and here is where things got good!


I’m sure no one is surprised. However if you take the link above, you’ll notice the ad does not mention a salvage or rebuilt title or any accident history info. Seems like a real reputable dude to me.

Link for more damage pics/info:https://autoauctions.io/app/6513968/2001-bmw-z3


So there we have it oppo. A fact that we knew to be a fact is a fact. Sketchy used car dealerships are sketchy. 

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