I mean, they make an attempt to make pretty rows, but beyond that, most ski area parking is like this:

Rule #1. Don’t block anyone in

Rule #2. err... that’s it.

If people parked like this at the grocery store, guns would be drawn.

And just for the record, this is not a rant. I love it. It’s liberating.

Over the weekend, we went skiing on a legit powder day; several of the lots hadn’t even been plowed yet. Did that stop anyone from using them? No chance. Did I help push out the guy next to me, so he could then help push me out? Yup. Sunday we used our tow strap to pull a Honda Fit out of a tight spot, too. This all seems quite normal in the context of a ski area parking lot.


Good times. Sorry, no pics of said parking lot. Only this:

Illustration for article titled Ski Area Parking

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