When I was in High School, our local hang out was the Burger King / K-Mart Parking lot. We were so cool, you don’t have to flatter me, we knew. We’d go into the Burger King and “borrow” as many trays as we could reasonably take that looked something like these only red.

Put them under the rear tires and set the E Brake and let the shenanigans fly. The trays ended up looking like this and it was quite a sensation when you wore through and had rubber back on the pavement.

(never mind the after picture, it was from photo bucket and they suck.)

Pardon my ramblings, the skid plate racing post got my nostalgia flowing. Its a real wonder that no cars or humans were harmed during the festivities. Seriously wish that we had phones/cameras back then, this would have been a riot to watch today.