Well - I thought I had located a great Miata, despite the lure of the S2000. And, because my wife is awesome, she gave me her blessing to move forward on it. So, I reach out to the seller to schedule a PPI and work to get that arranged between the company and the seller.

Yes, it was Winning Blue (not actual car)
Yes, it was Winning Blue (not actual car)

The morning of the intended PPI, the seller reaches out to let me know that he just received a deposit on the car. Huge bummer - it was gorgeous and was exactly how I would’ve built on myself. Having something already done is just super tempting and, I think, will be more economical in the long run.

I rarely post without posing a question, so for this post it’s this - what should I have done? Should I negotiate price and place a deposit before scheduling a PPI, making sure the deposit is refundable if the PPI comes back with issues? I hate being out both the effort and cash of a PPI when the car I’m considering could still be sold to someone else.

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