So, thanks to a really cool post about AWD systems, I started looking into Nissan's AWD system, called "ATTESA", which means, "Faster than Subaru".

It's a neat system, and it has a couple versions. The cheap version is just AWD. The "ETS" version automagically splits torque between the front and rear (Electronic Torque Split) based on driving conditions. The ETS-Pro does left and right rear tire torque splitting as well thanks to some voodoo magic called an Active Limited Slip Differential. That sounds fun. (In all honesty, it's a pretty interesting system. Wikipedia has a pretty good primer on it.) So, anyway, since I one day hope to own an R32 GT-R, I had a read. The ETS-Pro was never offered on the R32. Lame. Oh well, I'll upgrade to it, right?

Turns out, after full minutes of Googling, I was unable to find a replacement Nissan ALSD for sale. So, what the heck do the (admittedly filthy rich) Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R V-Spec II owners do when their diff takes a fat shit on the strip? Buy some lame-ass VLSD? HLSD? I say hell no. There must be some secret society that moves these things around.

All humor aside, I'm a smidgen surprised that Tomei or something didn't end up building an aftermarket version and trying to sell it for $4500 or something. I guess there's just not enough demand (besides, the diff is only half the battle. How many V-Spec II ECUs do you think are bouncing around in the wild? Probably not too many).