Despite it being labor day I work today because where I work there needs to be 24/7 coverage. Fortunately for me nothing is happening today so I am spending my time trying to find a turbo for this build.

At first I was going to select a turbo like this:…

Or the 2863R version. Unfortuantely they have no shipping options for the US and a combination of my lack of patience and their not replying to my emails has led me looking elsewhere. So i figured I would post the options for stock mount turbos for RB20 and RB25 cars.

RWD skylines have a propritary 6 bolt exhaust housing. It looks similar to the standard garrett setup (like on a SR20) but has an even number of bolts on both sides. If you want to keep the stock mounts you options are limited to 3 or 4 companies or modding the stock turbo sort of in order of who i’m going to buy from.

1. Is Sonic Performance as I posted they make exhaust housing for Garrett turbos and make a kit for GT2860R and the GTX28 turbos. These are IMO the best options for the RB20 if you want stock mounting. There are SUPERIOR setups to this but they require a twin scroll manifold which IMO is a waste of money for this car.


2. Is Hypergear -…

That is the specific product as well. The SS1 and 1.5 turbos are specifically made for the RB20. There is no real information you can find to compare them to the GTX turbos but people seem to claim these are not as good.


This company will also highflow a stock turbocharger. The stock turbo for this or RB25 engines high flowed will either be too primitive (journal bearing) and tiny, or too laggy (op6 RB25 neo turbo) for what i’m looking for. I actually have a OP6 turbo now if I wanted it rebuilt but I am NOT shipping it to australia and shipping it back. That would be a massive waste of cash.

They claim that the SS1 and SS1.5 will hit 16psi of boost at 3750 and 4000 rpm respectively. The claims for the GTX2860 is that it has that kind of capability plus it will hold boost further.


3. Is Kinugawa -


They are a Taiwanese company who make good quality turbos. Unfortuantely their bolt on turbos are all 90s tech TD05-TD06 16G-25G turbos. Because of that they are cheap and for most builds would probably be fine however on this build I am not going cheap. I am going for the best possible setup for response while keeping as stock as possible.

They do have GTX2860R listed there in Skyline turbos, however those are for high most external wastegate setups and are not stock mountable.


4. Is Mambatek -…

They basically are ex Kinugawa employees who started their own company. Their turbos are GT30 which is too big. I want power BEFORE 4500rpm. Most turbos are designed for RB25 in mind, RB20 is kind of the forgotten engine.


There are of course numerous companies who will high flow a stock turbo stateside. I won’t get into those aside mentioning the most popular is Arizona Turbo and Tractor supply. The Supra community uses them quite a bit. I want a ball bearing turbo that is sized for response so i’m not going that direction as I said.

Aside these as well there is a company called GCG, also Australian, but their turbo selection is very limited.


Anyways we will see what happens. I want to get a GTX turbo but short of that I will go for a Hypergear turbo.

It’s said with an adjustable exhaust cam pulley you can get “500" rpm earlier boost. I don’t know if this is true or not but I bought the pulley and may get a SS1.5 Hypergear turbo and test the theory out. However I WILL be using this car in autocross and if it results me having to downshift to 1st too often I will be annoyed.