The first thing I want to take care of with this car is the BASIC appearance stuff. One of the major issues I had was wheels. I have 350Z wheels on it now, from the Base 350Z. They are heavy and these ones in particular are ugly and horrible to look at. So I went on a Wheel Quest.

The first wheels that interested me were Enkei RPF1. The reason why is they are light, I liked the way they look, and it’s popular with autocrossers. They are also inexpensive for what you get. You get a wheel that weighs about as much as a TE37 but at $1000 less in price for 4.

I decided however to spend more money on wheels. I wanted some cool “JDM” wheels. The first I looked at were Buddy Club P1, the QF forged wheel.

They are the wheels I put on my initial build list that I posted here. I found out when I was shopping for them that they have been discontinued.

The next I looked at were Volk TE37V (for vintage) wheels.


I like these quite a bit, however they are expensive. With shipping they are about $3000 which is an awful lot of money for wheels in my opinion. However I still was seriously considering them. The problem is the wheel size I need for the front of this car was not available. I was looking for 17x8 +28-+35 in the front. I couldn’t really find that available, the only place that sold them said I would have to wait 8 weeks to receive them. I was still considering it but decided to look what was on ebay...... where I found my choice.

These are LMGT2s, they were period correct Nismo wheels that were also made famous for being on the Calsonic GTR race car. I found a set on ebay that need mild reconditioning. I simply couldn’t resist them at this point. They are also over $1000 cheaper than the TE37s I was considering, has a similar look, and fits with how i’m building the car. I’m building stock appearance and am more siding with period correct appearance mods if I so choose to do that. So Nismo wheels seem like a natural choice.


The wheels I bought in particular were made for the 240SX or GTS-T R32 as well, the fitment should be perfect. 17x8 +35 in front 17x9 +38 in back. The width is perfect for the side of tires I use which are 235/45/17 in front and 255/40/17 in rear.

Compared to the volks above these are about 2 lbs heavier. The volks are ~17lbs these are ~19lbs. Still FAR lighter than the 350Z wheels I have.