This Semester I'm putting together a large report about Importing a Nissan Skyline GTR into the USA for my Import/Export management class. As I am procrastinating on this assignment, I am watching youtube videos about the Nissan Skyline to get in the mood.

I have been a Big fan of the R32, R33, and R34; and whenever I'm outside of the US I get really really excited when I see a GTR. I will credit gran turismo, the fast and the furious movies, and Need for Speed Underground for making me a GTR fan boy.

This report -which gets submitted in sections- will make me break down what the Skyline R32 is like a customs agent. I have to include things like the HTS #, the materials it's made out of (steel, rubber, glass, etc.), and the usage of the product. For the purpose of the project, I will (hypothetically) be importing the Skyline from Japan as opposed to driving a skyline across the border from Canada. Later in the semester I will need to contact real importers about hypothetically importing a Skyline GTR to the USA. Lucky for me, my professor's day job deals with shipping goods via container ships between Yokohama and Oakland, so perhaps I could go to her office hours and ask her what she would charge me to import the car.

Sadly, I don't think I can register the car in California. Our Smog regulations are too strict, and I personally wouldn't want to go through the hassle of registering the car in another state after spending so much time and money on importing the car into the USA.