I woke up and learned who will be our next president simply by reading highly aggravated and terrified Facebook posts.

For what it’s worth, despite the left’s (and often the right’s) sustained efforts to increase the power and reach of the federal government, particularly the executive branch, we do no live in a dictatorship and the president is not the king. The Republic will be fine. We will be fine.


As I said last night, allow this defeat to be a lesson not to push for supreme executive power, executive fiat, and an all powerful, all encompassing, federal government which tries to control your daily life.

Let’s make our country a place where both sides of the aisle don’t live in fear of the federal government “taking away” whatever lifestyle, belief, or “right” which they hold dear simply based on who sits in the Oval Office. Let’s push for a limited government which we don’t fear if someone we don’t like is in control of the executive branch and which stays out of our wallets and out of our bedrooms.


You have more control of your way of life and the things that are important to you at the state and local level. Let’s try to build a country with an appropriately limited federal government where power and control over your life rests with more local politicians who are much closer, accessible, and controllable by the people, or, better yet, give people the ability to make their own decisions about their lives and lifestyles (as long as they are not hurting others). Lets fight for a government that let’s people life their lives, think for themselves, believe what they want to believe, worship in peace, and try to provide a good life for their families as opposed to imposing an elitist or hyper nationalist point of view of belief system on its people.

Think about how much everyone dislikes lobbyists. Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps lobbying exists to the extend that it does because there is so much power concentrated in and available to the federal government that people on both sides of the aisle have realized that they can get their way and impose their will on others by influential elected officials. Perhaps instead of complaining about lobbyists as the problem, let’s look a the source of the problem and try to limit the power and reach of the federal government to take away the incentive to lobby. Instead of complaining about “money in politics” and Super PAC’s, let’s push to make influencing politicians in Washington a less lucrative and appealing investment.


Rather than both left and right trying to impose its will on the country as a whole through a bloated, inefficient, and easily corruptible federal government, take a moment to think about what will happen if the people who’s views you disagree with are suddenly in the driver’s seat.

Unchecked power is a sharp knife which can cut both ways. Let’s get back to the principles upon which our country was founded, our forefathers fought for, and which are contained in the constitution. If we do these things, I assure you, we will always be fine.

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