SL600 Sport: Project Log Update!

Step inside for another installment of working on a car that is often mistaken for being out of my budget.


So here’s my slow progression to getting all of those warning lights to turn off, I’ve also managed to roll the odometer over to 110,000. Oil change time in a few days hopefully. I’m not pushing it, but the car certainly could use it soon.

The most important update? That ADS light to the left of the ESP light. It’s off. Finally. It’s not 100% fixed, but it’s certainly on the right track. I had the car apart to check the filters and do a full wash + detail and I got caught up before I had a chance to do the interior. I have to order 3 new filters (cabin + 2 intake), but I decided to take a second look at the hydraulic fluid reservoir. Well, there was a tiny little bit of fluid in it. By a tiny little bit, I mean the system had fluid. It would sometimes function correctly, but usually the ADS light would come on.

So I had a few quarts of fluid in the trunk (I collected enough fluid to flush the entire system and have some extra just in case). I decided, cheapest thing I can do is put 1qt and see what happens. Well, system kept the fluid. Shocker.

So what does this mean? It means I need to replace the rear accumulators for the hydraulic suspension. From what I’ve read, there’s no accumulators for the fronts. This means maybe a few hundred and the ADS system will be fully functional and work more efficiently again. I cannot wait. Once I get a few chips out of the glass and I sort out the paint work, she’ll be proud as can be. I’d call it a light restoration, but much needed. Hopefully when I finish this car, I’ll have more space and I’ll be able to get another project. Like hell would I give this car up.


I’ll be doing the ADS system and then installing a wavetrac and 3.06 gears in the HEMIWagon. One thing at a time, right? Money in, money out. Large number of smiles per mile regardless of which one I drive. All that counts, no?

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