I post about what I do with computers quite a bit.

Currently fleet:

2011 Mac mini 4gb ram, 1.25 tb HD, i5

Dell m4800 16gb ram, 512 ssd, i7 (mq4810?)

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 8gb of ram, 256gb ssd, i5 (4200 something)

I got the SP2 last week, it’s way more portable than the m4800 and gives me a pen. With the m4800 on desk duty the mini is no longer necessary.

So I bought this:


The 3tb was the cheapest one, cheaper than the 2tb and all the higher capacities. I was able to use my coinstar money from a while back. It looks pretty sharp. I’ll use it to get all my photos and music off the Mac mini so I can sell it. The going rate for the 2011 mac mini with my specs is $300+/-.

With the money from the mini I’ll buy some new monitors (my old ones are square and missing pixels). And the docking station for the m4800.


Any good sub $150 monitor’s out there? Or any $300 monitors that would be better than 2 $150 ones?

Also possible oppo discount on the Mac mini.