as some of you know, Papis and Skeen wrecked toward the end of the Camping Truck World Series race at Mosport (Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is the official name of the track nowadays)

Skeen said

Finally back to the States with a charged phone. Great race overall for us, but a rough end. I'm not sure what the TV showed, but the 14 got into my bumper numerous times to pass me with a couple laps to go. I never gave him a cheap shot in the rear. I made an aggressive move in the final corner to get position and I don't think he saw it coming...hit me in LR corner and put us in the tires. If it was such a rookie move and I completely missed the corner, he should've let me wreck myself and he could've finished just fine (not what would have happened). Instead he tried to turn in even though I had a nose ahead. The drama after the race was started by him. He tried numerous times on the cool down lap to wreck me again or drive me into other parked trucks. When we finally got behind the wall, I got out and talked to him face to face, but there was no reasoning with him. I didn't know about the slap, but that was relatively tame considering he barged our trailer later and tried to pull her down the stairs in front of a NASCAR official and several members of our team. She has bruises to prove it. Those are the facts from my perspective.

by the way, the "her" is the woman who slapped Papis. Kelly is her name and she is Skeen's girlfriend.

Papis is saying the slap dislocated his jaw so it's very likely he was on Tyson's Punch Out as an inferior opponent.