Looking on CL I found this nice little green Accord. Looks like something your aunt used to drive. You know that aunt that’s not exactly cool, but like she’s kinda fun. She works at in retail, and still has big 80s air. Her names probably Janice. She never got married so she didn’t need a big sedan, or SUV, be deep down she’s a conservative who values reliability and low cost of ownership above all else. So she bought a 90 Accord coupe new and ran it till it blow up, after burning off its oil at 240,000 miles. Yeah this is her car. The car she most likely replaced with a new Accord Coupe because change is good, but also overrated.

Except it isn’t. Because it has a H22 from a Prelude Si, paired to the world class Integra GSR 5 speed transmission.

And the seller is only asking 2500 probably less than the cost of the swap itself.