Slept-on news that makes me giddy

I feel like a lot of us are completely forgetting that the new challenger is going to be built on the Alfa Giulia platform. The Giorgio platform seems to weigh in from about 3300-3800lbs which is on par with the current Camaro and Mustang.

Do you know how exciting that is to me? All of the big 3 back at it full force. Dont get me wrong, the challenger currently occupies a nice niche for those looking for an old school muscle car, and I would love to own a scat pack, but seeing GM and Ford duke it out in the world of actual non pig sports coupes has been amazing (and resulted in embarrassing a lot of very expensive cars around a track).


Also very exciting is that the charger will be rebuilt on the Giorgio platform as well. Who doesn’t love a new midweight sports sedan to give the 3 series and other big boys some competition?

If you ask me they should just take the current challenger shape and just downsize it by 15% and slap it on the new chassis and you have a winner.

Sure, it will take a while to roll it out, and by then there may be a new mustang and camaro coming that will be faster, but ive always wanted a downsized challenger body just slapped onto the 6th gen camaro chassis, and this seems like itll be pretty close.


Sign me up for the new challenger scat pack.

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