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Slight Taillight Tint...thoughts?

So I bought some Lamin-X gunsmoke (lightest) taillight tint this week...I’ve actually been pretty against this practice in the past - mostly because people with already dim taillights tend to make the one thing preventing them from being rear-ended harder to see.

However, Lamin-X doesn’t require me basically spray-painting my lights (cough cough VHT Nightshade), and with my taillights being LED, these don’t seem to have much of an impact on my visibility of my taillights.

So the results:





Overall, I think I like it....it’s not obnoxious and looks pretty similar in color to new Audi’s.


Installation: Lamin-X gave good directions and have a good product. I strongly recommend installing with another person...not alone. It required a decent amount of manipulation and stretching for a good fit. The contour on the rear tails was the hardest part and the entire project took us 30 minutes or so.


The driver’s side turned out a bit worse - I suppose it’s because we saved the hard part (the contour) for last, rather than just doing that part first. Lamin-X is sending me a replacement for $12.

What do you guys think?

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