I posted about my car getting really funky after throwing wider tires on the back yesterday and decided to stop by a place to check the alignment today, turns out things are a bit out of whack, but not to the extent that I'd think would be needed to cause the level of sketchiness my car exhibits at speed currently. Here's what the alignment is right now:

Front: L R

Camber -1.1 -1.3

Cross Camber 0.2

Caster 6.0 6.5

Cross Caster -0.5

Toe 0.06 0.30

Total Toe 0.36

Rear: L R

Camber -0.3 -2.3

Cross Camber 1.9

Toe 0.19 0.29

Total Toe 0.47

All numbers are in degrees.

So from these numbers you can see that things have been slightly out of whack for a while now(which would explain my excessive inner tire wear on the rears) and I've been doing some research into what numbers I want to shoot for when realigning it and think I've decided on -1.4 camber up front, -0.9 rear, with about 6.0 degrees of caster and zero toe all the way around, I may add ~1/16 in total real toe if it's still floaty on the highway after that. I should have two more wide tires for up front in the next week or two as well which will square it back up but doing the alignment can't hurt after seeing those numbers...

And does anyone know why &'nbsp' doesn't work in Kinja anymore??