*School related issues inside*

Okay, so I'm taking Geometry right now. All this week, teachers at my school were NOT permitted to give out any kind of graded assignment/homework (because of some students taking keystone exams). She goes ahead and assigns a graded assignment. I ask her why she is allowed to and she says, "Why should we stop learning for a few students?" This made me angry, because we don't have to stop learning, the teachers just aren't allowed to have graded assignments! So, I worked on the assignment, but needed help with one question. I couldn't make open tutoring hours, so I didn't know what to do. The assignment was due yesterday, I didn't complete it. She comes in and gives me a zero. My grade went down 2%. Great. I brought it up in class again today, and she said, "Too bad, you have to find a way to make it to open tutoring!" Now I'm really mad and I say,"This assignment shouldn't have happened anyway. Did you have an email from the principal permitting you to assign graded homework? If not, I am going to tell my Academic Adviser and get this taken care of. She just ignored me. People of Oppo, should I tell on my teacher? I mean, it sounds quite childish, but my grade!