So the one thing that made the Slingshot uncomfortable at highway speeds was the wind. It battered you around the head and was just unpleasant.

So I installed a Madstad adjustable windscreen. It made a phenomenal difference. By allowing air to get in under the main screen itself, it deflects the air stream rather than just being a wall like the stock screen was. Even though it’s well below eye level for me, the air stream goes a good 6” above my head. Highway speeds don’t threaten to rip my sunglasses off of my face anymore.

Paradoxically, the lowest setting provides the best wind protection, being similar to riding in a convertible, while still allowing you to see over the windshield easily. The highest setting lets more air through the bottom, and gives you a nice blast of air on your inboard side. This feels damn good at lower speeds on hot days, but up around 80 it starts to get a bit uncomfortable.

Although the photo above shows a rearview mirror mounted on the center support, I don’t see that working, as the centerline of the car is quite tall due to the fin that houses the 3rd brake light.


The only con, as far as I can tell, is that this is ultimately my mom’s vehicle, and her being shorter, she might not be able to see over the screen even at its lowest. This isn’t a problem during the day, but since it’s slightly tinted, it could be tricky at night.

Even so, for about $500 shipped, it’s a great bargain in terms of improvement per dollar.


Installation was fairly simple, being done in about 90 minutes by an idiot with a handful of random tools found around the house.