Slip-On Muffler Recommendations?

You know how I said the Buell’s PO fitted a car muffler? Well...I may have hit a Chicago crater pothole a little too fast.

See that thin little bracket connected to a clamp keeping the muffler in place?


Well upon impact it sheared off. No damage was done to the bike or the exhaust system, but the bracket’s arm is trashed. That’s really not a big deal to me since I thought the muffler’s mounting was stupid in the first place. The bike’s frame offers plenty of mounting options, and the muffler itself is just slipped onto the header pipe. Technically I could just fix the existing muffler. All it needs is a new mount and I can mount it better than the PO did for like all of a dollar.

Buuuut now that I have the knowledge that it’s a slip on, that means I can have a little fun on the cheap!

Motorcycle Oppos, what slip-ons would ya recommend? It looks like these bikes can sound pretty darn cool with the right kind of muffler. As of current, at low speed it sounds like a lawnmower and at high speed it sounds...well like a really loud go kart.

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