Slobbering on a Jag

It was 62 degrees in DC yesterday and I decided that I was finally going to take a crack at doing my own brakes. I had wanted to do it a month ago but you know, life happens.

Naturally I had to borrow a floor jack, so I call this guy I know who is building an off the grid, self powered residence, with filtered catch water in a carriage house off an alley in DC called Dwell. Now this guy bought a couple of (maybe a few) buildings down on H St in the mid/late 90's when things were super cheap and because he has skills, is now living the dream of collecting rent, not having a 9-to-5, working on this passion project of his, and constantly smoking copious amounts of his own totally legal, home grown, high test ganja.

We’re not like super tight, but I have known him for like 10-12 years and if I was writing a book on my life he would definitely be a character. He’s my tool hook up, because Dwell has garage space and pretty much every tool you could ever need to borrow. In addition to owning a few buildings, this guy also thought he had money at one point (his words, not mine) and also has a motherfucking 6?Jag in his garage that he allowed me to slobber all over. Look at this sexy beast!!!


He’s got it running and of course the famed Lucas electronics won’t let him prosper. The oil sending unit (not shown) is functioning but passing incorrect information to the gauge. You can see the dual carb setup on there right now, but he does have the three carb unit.


When you see that engine up close, it’s an absolute unit. The air just vibrates differently in its presence even when it’s not running. With the hood up you can see that this is a lean and serious machine, with modern frippery like engine covers and insulation both absent and unneeded.

My friend is prepping it for sale after ten years off the road. but I have been promised a ride before he lets it go. I told him the next time he’s working on it I”m happy to come over and sweep up, bring rags, tools, etc. to the people that know what they’re doing just to be around when it’s being worked on.

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