I want to get my kids a little electric race track set for Christmas. The #1 best seller on Amazon is this one but the reviews are mixed. Like, lots of really positive ones, but then a full 20% (~73 reviews) are 1 star. And they’re not 1 star because the postal service counter was rude, or because they weren’t really full-sized race cars, or because the reviewer keeps losing races to his 4-year-old. They’re legitimate reasons.

“Cars worked for only [one, two, three] [days, hours, minutes, laps].”

“Controller didn’t work after first use”

“Track did not have continuity despite careful application of the instructions - from an experienced user of slot car tracks.”

And on and on.

So... I’m nervous. I am 100% certain my son would absolutely love it, and I think my daughter would be into it, too. That’s not a gender-biased remark; she’s just 4, he’s 6. But nothing would be worse than a toy that’s as exciting as a race track that breaks in one day. We’ve had toys like this before - a “remote controlled” bulldozer (quotes because it was wired) that worked for like, one day. My in-laws got it for my son and he asked me for WEEKS about that thing. I was amazingly able to get a replacement, and that one broke, too. I gave up and tried to explain it, but it was probably 6 months before he stopped asking about it.


So... without spending many hundreds of dollars, are there any sets you all could recommend? I feel like this is right up Oppo Dad Avenue, and there are some dads here, so whaddya got?

Or should I ignore the bad reviews as I often do, and get this one for $91.