Only I’m dumb enough to pull off a set of brand new tires to slap on a set of old slot mags and tires made almost 2 decades ago.

And besides, these wheels are but step one. Cast your minds back to Furious 7 and the grey Caprice that Tej and Roman drive.

I need new tires any way, but I might not cut the fenders just tuck the tires in the fender well and drop it and inch or so. Maybe less. Who knows might even paint it.


Gonna try working on a car that all ready runs for a change. What a concept.

I’m probably dumb enough to try drag racing this weekend too. Maybe I’ll burn these off at the track and bring the new set to drive home on?


Also, SHO news. No pictures, but the K member is repaired and ready to be bolted in, (the rust in yhe mount went about six inches up the fire wall, yay), and the new fuel pump is in, but I still managed to get the fuel feed and return lines mixed up. Gotta drop the tank, but that can happen after I’ve finished curting the core support off and replacing that.