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Slow down folks, it's the wild west out there

I guess I'll try and save all the juicy footage off my dash cam and upload it somewhere for your few seconds of glory once in a while, or the few seconds of my near-"code brown" moments. Whichever you choose to call it.

I know I need to fix the date/time on my dash cam, but that's a little besides the point. Driving home last night I saw something that didn't look right ahead of me, so I slowed down, got around the turn, and bam, a damn deer herd. I'm no stranger to hitting deer, so we'll just say I'm glad I was already going somewhat slow, and had more than enough time to stop. I'll have to try and get the dash cam back on the windshield though, the perspective is a little wonky on the dash, so it does look considerably farther away than it actually is (I was only about 30 or so feet away when I stopped, from 35 to 25 to 0, rather quickly. Thanks snow tires!).


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