Slow Progress is Slow

The rapidly-progressing dismantling of the Chevelle for repairs and engine work ground to a halt a couple months ago, as Other Things got in the way, such as Life, Work, and The House Needs Work, Too. This dismantling has resumed, for a bit, to make some more headway while I have time.

This evening I got the front drive removed, with much less hassle than expected. I even found some plugs the right size to put in the steering box to keep most of the filth out (haven’t decided if it’s getting replaced yet, have to price out options).


For the three of you keeping track / that care, I’m still waiting on the machine shop for the block to build the new engine. It needs bored, and I found a mis-matched set of rods when I tore it down (had been rebuilt before) so it isn’t quite the cheap throw-together I hoped for, but it’ll be cool when it’s done. In the mean time I am working on getting everything ahead of the firewall stripped so I can do a bit of rust repair, then generally refurbish everything in the front.

Next up will be removing the distributor / plug wires, unbolting the headers, fuel pump, un-wiring the engine, and generally getting it prepped to pull. It’s going to be crowded in the garage with the engine out of the car, so it may sit ready-to-pull for a while as I take Other Things off the car.

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