Sneak peek of the new wheels+tires with bonus Alfa photo bomb.

Got a little work done on the Civic last night. Nothing terribly exciting. Checked the torque on the brake lines, just in case, and test fit one of the new wheels. I also got all four corners in the air, so bleeding the brakes and putting the new wheels+tires on should be a breeze.

The wheel fit has be concerned a little though. With the car in the air and the suspension at full droop, the wheel rubs a little a full lock. Further, the brake line mounting bracket rubs against the wheel.

That little bastard right there. :-/

This has me looking at spacers. I think a 1/4" will get me what I need to eliminate both problems. My boss is pretty convinced that at normal ride height everything should be OK and is also adamantly anti-spacer, which I dig.

I also don’t like the idea of using spacers, but I also don’t feel like 1/4" is going to really make a difference from a handling/ wear/ reliability/ wheel suddenly falling off perspective. It’ll also bring the new wheels to the same offset as the old ones... so there is that.


What does Oppo think?

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