As EV sales slow brands are finding new and creative ways to pretend demand is real.

The screenshot above is part of a new campaign between Klout, a tool that measures your online influence, and Chevrolet, an automotive brand that lessens your real-life influence.

When asked about the partnership, Brandon “Tom” Chesterfield, Director of EV Marketing and Demand Generation for Chevrolet, told Kinja reporters,

“The leveraged synergies between these two brands is a dynamic, next-generation, transformative way to capture best practices and maximize the value of our award-winning people and technology here at Chevrolet. The disruptive paradigm shift of a value proposition such as this is the definition of innovation between industry stakeholders. We are making history in the online automotive social engagement segment.”

When asked what the hell he just said, Tom replied, “Chevrolet is excited and committed to this partnership with Klout and to the Chevy Volt.”

Chevrolet didn’t say how they would target individuals for this Volt Perk. Johnson, Smith, Tatersauce & Thomas, General Motors' New York-based Digital Marketing partner, is leading this effort for the brand. JST&T will be responsible for reporting on the impact of this partnership to include collecting, reading and infographing the "big data."


It isn’t clear how this will impact sales of electric vehicles or the 35 people who actually use Klout Perks.

While at the launch event, a clogging and craft beer festival held on a stage made of repurposed wood from local abandoned houses, we talked to recent Volt Perk winners.


Frank Focklenbottom, of Maysville, Kentucky said, “Before this the only perk I’d ever won was an egg McMuffin and a bag of cat food. Do you know that you can plug this car into a wall socket and it’ll drive without gas?”

Susan Shipdigger of Newport News, Virginia said she was excited to get a Volt, but had consulted an attorney to see if she was allowed to sell the electric vehicle. "Nothing against the car, but I have bigger dreams!", she said.


Susan is saving money to start a gluten free cupcake truck service she plans to call Shipdigger's Sweet Stuff.

While it isn’t clear what the future holds for the electric vehicle or Klout one thing is certain – wasting time on social media can pay off, even if it’s just a bag of cat food.


*Note: In case the poor grammar and wildly-fake names weren't enough to indicate this report is fake I'll say - this is fake. Happy Friday. Go laugh & drive responsibly.