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Slowest Car Tesla Sells Drops 1.2 Seconds Off 0-60 Time

4.3 seconds to 60. Down from 5.5, with what they say are software and hardware changes. On the lower end, base car. No details yet on what those changes are.

Yes, this is still an expensive car by most standards. But if this massive gain in performance does not make you raise an eyebrow, am not sure why you are here...


To recap:

  • Model 75: 4.3 seconds down from 5.5 seconds
  • Model S 75D: 4.2 seconds down from 5.2 seconds
  • Model S 100D: 4.1 seconds down from 4.2 second
  • Model X 75D: 4.9 seconds down from 6.0 seconds
  • Model X 100D: 4.7 seconds down from 5.2 seconds.

Sources are Tesla’s own site and:


And in case you want to order one, there is a referral program where you get $1000 off plus free unlimited supercharging by following a link like mine to order:

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