Sorry. Longish post. No new pics yet.

First, the house has been vacant way longer than I was told. Possibly up to two years.

So I’m battling Bugs. Lots of em. I hate bugs. Hate! The place is going to smell very insecticide for a little while.

Next is finding a cheap Riding Mower. This is proving difficult. Everyone wants $900-$1000 for a beat to hell version of what I can buy new for $1100 at Lowe’s. WTF?! No.. Your MTD with bad bearings is not worth $500.

If it comes to it I’ll grab a gallon of Diesel and clear the yard without a mower. There’s a fire pit by the lakefront I need to get to!


Crusty is showing it’s age by randomly cutting out for no reason. Very new for a typically rock solid truck. Might be time to pickup a 2 wheeler and retire it to part time use.

And Lloyd. Dear Vader. He’s 10 years old this year. Well trained and almost spoiled Dog. He’s decided to start pushing boundaries. Now? He ran out this morning and abruptly met the neighbors Rottweiler. Lloyd is bigger than the Rottie. And a 20 minute ass sniff fest began. No violence thank God but fur was standing on both dogs.

So he is being punished by being in the house with the A/C running. While I do what I need to do outside.


In the 90* heat..

Wait a second..