If David Tracy were my neighbor and did what he does at his home, I would be going to the HOA (which my neighborhood doesn’t have, but you get the point), the city council, the police, or just flat out sue him until he stopped. If you want to do this shit on your property, that’s fine, but go out and buy an acreage somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I love cars, and I’m sure my family’s house represents an eyesore to some given that we have cars parked in our driveway, but using one’s yard as a personal junk yard/mud bog is absurd. He’s not being funny, and the articles that result aren’t a champion of the blue-collar every-man wrencher over the establishment. Every single one of them just seems to further the idea that he is a socially inept asshole. The fact that he finally had the decency to stop when his neighbor came over to confront him doesn’t improve my opinion of him much, but I suppose it’s better than him digging his heels in. Still, how inconsiderate and antisocial do you have to be to think it’s okay to do this in the first place?