Hi all,

Thought this was neat! When I was swapping the headlight on my Accent yesterday, I noticed where the airbox gets it’s air from and thought it was interesting! In OEM terms, I know a lot of cars either have some sort of intake behind the front grill, on the hood, or mounted near a wheel-well somehow, so the one on Humdrum was a bit unique (at least I thought it is...maybe you Oppos know of cars with similar intakes).

OK, first off, sorry for the angled picture - that was done to get everything to fit in-shot. Secondly, sorry for the washed-out color, as my phone may not have a MUCH sharper picture from me fixing the lens, but it really hates adjusting the contrast/brightness/white balance well :/

That plastic box behind the battery is airbox. Incoming air comes up from the bottom via that pipe you see. The pipe comes forward behind the drivers’/left headlight and goes around that curved plastic duct and upwards into some metal/plastic framing behind the headlight. The intake vent? That tiny little vent in the left-of-frame! Very strange! It’s such a small vent to provide all the air needed for the 1.6L engine (at least to me)! It is right up front though, so it’s nice that it would be getting good, cold air there. That being said, the vent is actually BEHIND the front grill / headlight...not behind the grill as in the mesh part, but behind the plastic SURROUND part of the grill, so I’m surprised it gets enough air where it sits...

Anyway, thought it was an interesting, but effective design!