The old style starter was obviously new-ish, but it was an OEM style that wouldn’t start the car anymore. That would make it a non-starter. So I picked up a new PA Performance mini starter. Half the weight, lots more grunt. So despite sitting idly in the garage for a month or so, it fired right up. It took a few cranks for it to finally fire, but only one turn of the key. It’s supposed to be another decent day tomorrow, so I’ll take it out for a drive in the afternoon.

New starter!

I’ll be able to transfer this starter over when I eventually swap the drivetrain out, too. Quit a difference audibly from the starter as well. Below is the old dead starter.


Old non functional starter

I received another package for the car yesterday, too. An electric conversion kit for the headlight doors. I’ll be able to pull out a few miles of vacuum line, canister, and the door actuators. It was a good deal that I just couldn’t pass up. In a month or so, I’ll order the bits I need to rebuild suspension, brakes, and steering.