Got a Rising Sun for my fuel door which completes my major side graphic desires. A new grille is on its way to me and should be here next week. That would complete my exterior cosmetic mods. I want to tackle the exhaust next. I have a Stillen axleback which looks great and sounds ok but I’d really like a bit of a deeper grumble. DC Sports makes a cat back for $450 but the muffler on that is a bit of a cannon. J2 also makes a catback for about $275 but seems to be an ebay special. Im considering having a muffler shop make the pipes that go from the cat to the muffler out of stainless steel but would that be enough to get a better noise if I plan to keep the Stillen muffler? I’m not too concerned with getting more power out because it’s a damn Cube with a CVT, I’m just trying to get it to look and sound good.