Small DirtPony Update

I put the new smaller tires on, and was able to get it off the jack stands for the first time. 205/75/R15 up front, 235/75/R15 out back. I dig the look. I was afraid the fronts would be all stretched and StanceNation, but they look fine. This is with no engine:

So then I was able to roll it out of the garage enough to put the engine in. My cherry picker won’t clear the garage door:


This is the car with the engine in and sitting on the suspension.

The smaller tires clear much better, even though I’m going to chop the fenders out and run flares. I expect the front to settle down just a bit more, I still have 200lbs or so of crap the put under the hood and the tube front bumper. In the rear I might actually lower it a bit.

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