We ran into a 510 this morning getting coffee, original paint, nice patina. Excellent wheels with Z center caps. No back seat in her. Owner wasn't around so we don't know what carbs are in there. I've seen it before, I think they work there somewhere, maybe we will see them sometime. I can leave a note to go to the real cars and coffee. They did have a Ratsun sticker so they are probably well aware of the bay area Japanese car meetings. I like the cars and coffee people, lots of old, "gentleman" like myself. You can see I put the spook air dam on for him not too long ago, the lower panel there was bent so I had to muscle it a bit. I riveted it with washers to spread the load at first, but it became hard so I have to switch to stainless bolts in middle, but lots of room in front of the radiator to work through. My poor back after bending over so much! Then I realised the plate had to fit, so I put it on the right there. The old patina of the plate looks nice. The bonnet is still messed up in the front, the rest of the car is original paint so we are looking for someone who is very good and can make it as good as it can be to match the rest. The other picture is from yesterday, my son in law came home from work and went up the hill by the bridge and snapped that, I expertly enhanced it because the clouds dulled the colours.