Despite being on the “work on the house” side of the House-Car project pendulum, I’m waiting on some materials (mostly the flooring, which should arrive tomorrow) so I worked on the RX7 a little bit today.

On the left is how it started, on the right is the end result. When the air pump was (rightfully) removed, this leaves very little to drive the water pump. The common solution is a tiny belt between the main pulley and the waterpump, which was a bitch to get on and chirped like crazy.

Today I correctly addressed the issue by installing a double-sheave alternator pulley, meaning there are now two new belts, properly* tensioned, driving the waterpump. As a bonus I also fixed the routing of some wires so they’re back where they should be (visible behind the alternator/below the air cleaner).

*One is tighter than the other, because of course it is. I set the tension based on the tighter of the two; hopefully as they wear in and stretch a bit they even out. If the looser one makes noise...