After ~4 years of my driver’s side visor no longer staying completely up, and eventually getting fed up with hitting my head on it any time I leaned forward, I finally decided to replace it..

It’s always fun getting new OEM parts.

The install was quite easy - literally two screws. The vanity has no light, so no electrical to worry about. It now feels better than the passenger visor.


For fun, I tore apart the old visor (though I forgot to grab pictures). After removing the (likely) seam-welded textured vinyl covering, I realized how ugly the visor is underneath. It’s literally two pieces of non-textured, white injection molded polypropylene that snap-fits together. It’s quite the contrast to the grey injection molded trim for the mirror bezel and sliding door. It makes sense though, as the lack of colorant and texture on parts that aren’t supposed to be seen would have brought the production cost down a fair bit.

Then, after finally removing that from the list of things to do, this happened...


Unfortunately, the tether isn’t available separately (why would it be?). I’ll get around to replacing that eventually.

Also, I’m thinking of finally getting a set of snow tires for the Forester. I’m currently debating between Bridgestone Blizzak WS80s and Continental WinterContact SIs. I was leaning towards WS80s, but the SIs seem to be rated just as well, and are a bit cheaper. Anyone have hands-on experience with either?

As for wheels, as much as I’d like to get something like Sparco Terras (especially in bronze), I’m thinking of getting basic steelies, painting them silver, and throwing on a set of the Subaru steel wheel center caps.


Either way, this winter is going to be fun!