This will be a slightly long post with things that may seem trivial to some. You’ve been warned. So I bought a Mazda 6 MPS (Mazdaspeed 6) last week and I have been doing some small stuff to check its status recently. It has no service history and the included manual was not for the MPS but for a standard Mazda 6. So I went to dive into the stuff that I can do myself without tools...

- Gave the leather interior some love and attention. Treated it with some leather care product so it looks a bit better again.
- Cleaned most cubby holes and orifices :P
- Checked the engine bay, all looks stock as far as I can recognize
- Looked into the right hand side front indicator light issue, more down below
- Checked all the fuses, more down below

So one of the issues was that the right side indicator light seemed to blink twice as fast. Thought the bulb had broken. Turns out the entire right side light fitting is missing... So i just ordered that plastic part and some ‘Silver Vision’ indicator bulbs online, should hopefully take care of that. Bye first $40-50 :P.

I also found myself a proper Mazdaspeed 6 manual and checked both fuseboxes. I suspect that there is no difference between the fuse diagrams for the Mazdaspeed and the Euro MPS but if someone can confirm this, it would be great. Haven’t found an MPS manual yet. For now it seems some spots are occupied by higher amperage fuses than the manual says. Like 20A fuse where there should be a 15A... not so good. So need to find a few of those low profile double blade fuses. I got the fuse box in the engine compartment looking the way it should.... except that apparently the main 120A fuse is missing.

Before I moved some fuses around.

The car runs fine so I guess the biggest implication of that is that I would be driving around without proper protection for any system not protected by seperate fuses. Not really a great idea I suppose. So that’s next in the eBay basket if I can find the right one.


Lastly, I ordered the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 summer tires. Should be here and fitted sometime next week. Bye $620.