I’ve been making a little bit of progress on the Chevelle lately.

I bought this phone (Pixel 3) about 3 months ago, and the “best camera” was a big reason... meanwhile it can’t focus worth a shit. At least it gets exposure right.

I have finally routed the hydraulic line for the clutch. Being a pre-made length it was a little weird to figure out where to put it, but it’s worked out pretty well. As you can see above I more or less set everything in place, then (as you can’t see) secured the line with some P-clips. It’s not done in the picture, don’t worry.

Headers are just mocked up with two bolts, no gasket for worst-case clearance check. It’s got tons of room now.

I meant to do this before wrapping the headers, but completely forgot. These little sticky-uppy bits were fouling on the plug wire holders, but a 40 grit flap disk doing 12,000RPM fixed that pretty quickly. They were then touched up with header paint (not shown).

The manual, high-torque starter has the support stud higher and closer to the engine than the auto/typical one, apparently.

Because reasons the starter support I had didn’t fit. Apparently it didn’t fit right on the other engine after I swapped the transmission but I couldn’t see it in the car to realize this (I tightened the nut onto... nothing). I was going to spend an hour or two making it work, then found out genuine GM brackets for this starter/flywheel combo exist and are available for $10 shipped.

Dear phone camera, there is no excuse for one side of the firewall to be blurry and the other in-focus. They’re at the same depth!

The goal is to have the engine bolted into the car by the end of the year, and I think it’s going to happen. Pretty much all that’s left is to pull the crossmember and driveshaft back out (the former holds the parking brake cable, the latter was never removed after pulling the trans out the front a year ago). The hydraulic TOB needs set up on the engine after I bolt up the flywheel for good, the mounts bolted to the engine, then it should be ready to go in.

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