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Small trucks

What people claim they want

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A literal 99 Ford Ranger, but you know...get mid 30's mpg, be not terrible to be in and cost a song all while being “all truck”...somehow.

What tradesman and the bulk of the small truck market actually want.

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Something with a big tray, costs little to own and run. Basically a transit connect trayback.

I’m not against small trucks or the people that want them, but I think the numbers of people who would buy them aren’t enough to justify their return...not as they were.


you can’t make a truck as physically small on the outside as a ranger and big enough on the inside to satisfy consumer and regulatory demands anymore and the only way it works is with space saving design like a unibody and transverse engine.

Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong...but im not.

UPDATE: Case in point

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