Small updates

Sorry to vent, but I don’t like to have people tiptoe around me at work or at home, so some internet catharsis.

I’m pretty bummed. I didn’t get into the school I was hoping for. I work for the school, I live nearby, and my boss was willing to keep me on while I attended if I got in. That would have meant I would have had benefits, insurance, and when I graduate all my sick time and vacation time would have basically tripled their value. Unfortunately I received news I got wait-listed.

I did get into another program that is in-state. Lower tuition, much lower cost of living, smaller class size, no grades (graded on pass/fail), free parking, closer to the outdoors, etc. It is 120 miles away, so not a difficult distance to cover for weekend trips home or what not or to visit friends. Since I can’t take my vacation and sick time with me, there will be a really lax summer I imagine along with a decent payout so something else to look forward to.


I’m getting on in years, and without a guarantee I would be accepted next year, I think waiting a year may be off the table.

Without a steady stream of income, looks like the fate of the Datsun is more or less sealed. Friend and I made a list of what some detractors are and he’s helping me sort through them. I took a lot of short cuts or “function over form” decisions when I was content with the car being mine, but with thoughts of wooing another buyer, the small problems are going to have to go away.

A teaser pic for what is to come:


New intercooler mounts to replace the tacked in washers that occupied the space before. 

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