Small Victories...

This week has not been my best. I yelled at my kids this morning as they were taking an unbearable amount of time to get ready, and constantly fighting with each other. I then immediately felt bad for yelling, setting a bad example, etc. etc. and it just put me in a bad mood. I’m frustrated by the inability of anyone to fix our refrigerator which has been out of commission since September 8th. And I’m feeling way behind on yardwork as it’s getting cold and I haven’t even looked at a rake, haven’t finished stacking wood, haven’t put on any of our snow tires, nothing.

BUT! At least my car works properly again. Last week it wouldn’t idle right, but ran OK above 1,000 RPM. Codes for lean run condition pointed me to the intake side of the engine, where I found a totally broken DISA valve, something that opens and closes like a throttle plate, changing airflow in the intake manifold.

The replacement part arrived yesterday, I put it in after the kids were in bed, and... a tiny vacuum line fell apart in my hands. Miraculously, I found a little piece of hose that would work, replaced that and THEN finished putting the car back together. And it works! Properly!


Just in time for it to go to the shop for a worsening front end clunk. (Is there any other kind?)

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